BETCO: Betco Symplicity Bar Glass Detergent - Gal.

  • Item: BET25704-00
  • Brand:BETCO:
  • UOM/Pack: CS (1gal, 4/CS)
  • Weight36.65
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Betco Symplicity Bar Glass Detergent - Gal.

SKU # BET25704-00

Low sudsing liquid detergent for manual glass washing with manual brushes. Free rinsing. Removes difficult stains. Not for use in automatic bar glass machines. A combination of surfactants, wetting and dispersing agents, penetrants and antispotting agents. It removes stubborn lipstick stains and will not affect beer head. Compatible with hypochlorite, quaternary and iodine sanitizers.

Category:Glassware Cleaners

Mfr#: 25704

Brand: BETCO

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